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Who am I? The answer is, ‘no one special’. My name is Colin Mangan. I guess now I can say that I am a writer or perhaps ‘was a writer’, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds. I’m a meditator insofar as practice meditation on a daily basis which is the foundation of my new found sanity. Or at least, responsible for the brief moments of sanity I experience on a daily basis. Without meditation I would have no peace of mind and I certainly wouldn’t have written the God Conclusion. Although I had been discussing and debating, for the better part of a decade, many of the ideas found in the God Conclusion it was while on meditation retreat in SE Asia that the ideas all came together. Being on retreat finally gave me the opportunity to work through the 365 practices from a Course in Miracles.

WE'll Just have to wait and see what the future holds

As I approach the ripe age of 40 I am still yet to figure out what I want to be. I thought ‘Astronaut’ was off the table but with modern commercial space flight, however, it seems like I’m closer now than ever before. I’m toying with the idea of returning to university to study physics, something in which I have developed a keen interest in over the past decade. Unfortunately my lack of a formal education in the discipline has hindered my ability to explain [to those that do have a formal background] precisely why my crackpot ideas are correct. Perhaps if I were to study physics I would find out for myself why they are not – I’m referring here to ideas about the nature of time.

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